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Isabel Reyes


Isabel Reyes is an Arlington, Texas native who earned her Bachelor of Arts in Communications with a Minor in the French language from Texas A&M University. She is now studying to obtain a Masters of Legal Studies from Texas A&M University School of Law.

Isabel’s career goal is to help those who aren’t afforded the same privileges afforded to her by society, and she feels she can make a difference in immigration law. Isabel understands that the immigration process is complicated and life-changing, and she wants to help and aid in the process in any way she can. 

Isabel joined the Law Offices of Veronica Garza, PLLC in 2022, as a Legal Assistant, and is always ready to welcome clients with a warm smile while keeping them updated on each step of their case. Isabel assists the attorneys with different processes, such as FOIAs, Green Card Renewals, and Employment Authorization Applications. She is committed to helping others and giving back to the community as much as she can.